We have been creating murals in the S Florida area for 18 years and have established ourselves as a responsible, vibrant company. We continue to grow and add new dimensions to our portfolio with every new job. I hope you enjoy the journey ahead...

This is a gallery of my most recent work.

Mariany Arts is my personal artwork.

About the artist.

Let nothing disturb you, nothing afright you. All things are passing. God alone remains. Patient endurance obtains all things. He who has God has everything. God alone suffices.–St. Teresa of Avila

I truly cannot believe how much Susan's artwork has improved our home and family. Her artwork has injected an enormous amount of positive energy into our space. Our family used to be stressed, on edge and fight a lot. But now, because of Susan's artwork we are one big happy family.–The Brady Bunch

4 words..."Love of my life"–J. Guiffre

Susan's awesome.–Dr. Christine Deas, sister